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Super 7 Bikes Cycle-to-work schemes

The team at Super7Bikes want to help get you out riding! Maybe you need a new bike, or some updated accessories/clothing, to get you back in the saddle. There are various cycle-to-work schemes available and hopefully your employer has signed up to one. Each has a slightly different process to follow, but all are simple and can give you really significant savings.

The schemes are subject to availability of the products, at standard retail price, and can incur an administrative charge (5-10% depending upon the scheme, that cannot be put through the scheme but is invoiced and paid by the customer separately).

We are currently partnered with the following schemes, but others are available. If your employer uses a different one, call us to see if we can help.


This employee benefit save you 23-39% on a new bike or accessories. You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer. Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then wind its value down to a negligible amount.

Pick you package (just a bike, bike + accessories or just accessories), apply through your employer who will provide an eCertificate that you exchange in store, and chose an ownership option. There are a few items excluded from the deal, all clearly explained on their website, along with helpful FAQs.

The calculator they have shows you exactly what you save.

Cycle Scheme Calculator

My Benefits World: Cycle to work - My Benefits World

The scheme enables an employee to get a new bicycle and/or safety equipment and pay for it through their salary sacrifice, typically saving them between 32% and 45% off the cost (depending on their personal rate of tax). The company buys the bicycle and the employee repays your business through Salary Sacrifice over a period of 12-24 months (most employers opt for 12 or 18 months). The employer may set a limit on how much employees can spend on a bicycle/accessories.

Green Commute Initiative: The cycle to work scheme with no £1000 limit - Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is an industry-leading and award-winning Cycle to Work Scheme provider with no spend limits and no ownership fees. You can save from 30-47% (depending on your tax rate). Pay monthly through salary sacrifice with no added interest with payment periods ranging from 3 to 60 months. Get any type of cycle through GCI and help reduce congestion and pollution whilst improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing. Accessories and clothing also allowed.

The calculator they have shows you exactly what you save.

Cycle Scheme Calculator